Doctor Who: Peter Capaldi's 12 Best Performances As The Twelfth Doctor

The Doctor returned on Christmas Day for the 2017 Doctor Who Christmas Special and, after a lengthy discussion with his original self, he finally chose to let go of himself and regenerate into a new iteration.

With the first ever female Doctor incoming, plenty of fresh eyes will have been on the Christmas special, but longtime fans weren't forgotten. This is in order to mark the end of Peter Capaldi's departure from the the role of the Doctor.

The actress made an impressive debut in the 2006 feature Venus opposite Peter O'Toole and went on to star in the St Trinians movies and Joe Cornish's Attack the Block (also starring Star Wars' John Boyega).

Historically, the Christmas Special itself was actually non-existent until Russell T Davies rebooted the show, introducing Doctor Who to a whole new generation in the Noughties.

The new batch of "Doctor Who" adventures with Whittaker is expected to bow by the end of 2018.

The Twelfth Doctor was the polar opposite to perennial fanboy and fangirl favourites David Tennant and Matt Smith: darker, distant, more mysterious, allied to caustic humour and, in his own words, "more alien than he's been in a while". The Broadchurch actress was cast with much fanfare this past July, and will be the first woman to helm the TARDIS - although, judging by yesterday's episode, the ship is in need of some fix.

Whitaker's first series will air next year, where she will be joined by her writer from the hit thriller Broadchurch, Chris Chibnall, as the new showrunner. The special will be titled "Twice Upon a Time".

The time travelling vehicle then span out of control with the Thirteenth doctor falling through its open doors into space.

  • Kyle Peterson