Instagram to show 'Recommended for You' posts in Feed

Instagram to show 'Recommended for You' posts in Feed


Earlier this month Instagram also introduced a new way to allow users to follow hashtags - meaning we've reached the point where you can follow trends, not just specific accounts. The company explains on its help site that it determines which content to suggest based on the stuff that is "liked" by the accounts you choose to follow.

According to The Verge, Instagram has now begun to assimilate a "recommended for you" section into the feeds of its millions of users. It will have three to five recommended posts.

As with the explore feature, users whose accounts are set to private will not appear in the feeds of other users than their approved followers.

This feature, meant to help broaden a user's reach to more content, comes a couple of weeks after Instagram announced support to follow hashtags, rather than just specific accounts.

This isn't the first time that recommended content has been pushed forward by the Facebook-owned company.

Why does @instagram insist on showing me photos of "recommended" people on my feed?

Instagram has launched one of the biggest changes yet to its feed.

When scrolling through Feed, you may see posts that are Recommended for You.

A couple of weeks back, Instagram had added another feature that lets users follow hashtags. ollowing a hashtag is just like following a person. Most recently it has launched an awesome feature which allows users to follow hashtag instead of only people.

As expected, users haven't taken the injection of "recommended posts" positively. You can easily find the right ones for you by typing a keyword into Instagram's search bar, selecting a hashtag from the list and swiping along the Related row that appears at the top of the screen. Some expressed their disdain for the recommended feature, citing that they were following the accounts they follow for a specific reason.

You know the way Instagram is mostly about likes and less about the comments etc? The recommended content is, however, not optional and there is no way you can disable it.

  • Terrell Bush