New Themes and Support For Multiple Accounts in Version 4.7

Now, the app is adding support for multiple accounts on the same device.

Telegram, a messaging app was busy to counter the government's accusations to collect user data from over the past year, but the company hasn't forgotten to do something new for its users.

iOS users are seeing the introduction of customised themes; it doesn't quite have the same multi-theme support that's already available on Android.

Moreover, the iOS app still can't support multiple accounts, but the company has made a decision to do something new for the iOS users, as well. With this feature, users will now be able to add up to three accounts for different phone numbers. Just swipe left on the specific message that you want to reply to, type in the message or choose the sticker or emoticon you want to use, and when they receive your reply, it will quote which particular one you're actually replying to, avoiding occasional misunderstandings. Switching between these accounts have also been made easier as the notifications have been programmed to show which account should be checked for a new message.

iOS users are getting four different themes: a minimalistic Day theme, an option to put an accent on that Day theme, and two dark themes, Night and Night Blue.

You'll get notifications for all of your numbers by default, but you can turn these on and off in your notification settings. You can download Telegram v4.7 from the Play Store for free.

A common update to Telegram on both platforms is the quick reply feature.

  • Joey Payne