Pittsburgh Steelers LB Regains Feeling In His Leg

"He's making progress daily", Shazier said of his son. "He's a long ways from where he was on that Monday night when he was laying on the field".

Ryan, who was leading the Steelers in tackles before the injury, was rushed to the hospital from Paul Brown Stadium in Cincinnati on December 4 following an alarming collision.

Vernon Shazier told Pittsburgh's WPXI News that his 25-year-old son is improving. He underwent spinal stabilization surgery at UPMC under the care of team physicians Drs.

On whether Ryan Shazier is walking yet: "I don't want to go into it a whole lot", his father said.

Steelers linebacker Ryan Shazier is slowly recovering from a devastating spinal injury that left him without feeling in his legs.

Ryan was hospitalized after delivering a hit just more than three minutes into the Steelers' eventual win against the Cincinnati Bengals. "I can't feel my legs, '" Vernon Shazier said, recalling the phone call he received from his son after he suffered the injury.

"He's much better", he added (h/t Lauren Kirschman of PennLive.com), "but we've agreed to keep his progress private until he's ready to share where he's at".

He asked Vernon, a Pastor, to "pray for me", according to the report.

On Thursday night, the star defender's father announced that he has regained feeling in his legs after weeks of recovery.

Ryan Shazier made his first public appearance recently at Heinz Field, attending the Steelers' game against Super Bowl champions the New England Patriots.

Vernon Shazier told ESPN at the time that details about the injury could not be given out. "When he went down, all of us went down with him". "I Shalieve. I Shalieve".

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