Nintendo Switch makes history in the US

Nintendo Switch makes history in the US


The Nintendo Switch has become the fastest-selling home console in the history of home console sales in the US, Nintendo has announced.

The group did not share any details about their method, but they claimed that it is "future-proof" and that it will run on all current and future firmware versions and that Nintendo has no way to block it.

Within just nine months (the Switch released in March), Nintendo amassed a catalogue of exclusives that easily challenges Sony's, and you have to imagine made Microsoft balk, as the latter cancelled or delayed every project people were excited about.

Breaking hardware security would allow gamers to run homebrew games and emulators on the Switch, but it can - and usually is - be used to run pirated games as well. The PS2 now has the world record for console sales, selling an impressive 155 million units during its lifetime.

In early December, the company said the Nintendo Switch had reached 10 million sales worldwide, and expects to hit the 14 million mark by March. The image that you can see at the top of the news shows a magazine with images of this weird looking DS console along with Nintendo Switch. Apparently, more than 60% of gamers in the US own Super Mario Odyssey and more than 55% own Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild. Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild got an 8.5/10 on GameSpot, 5/5 on GamesRadar, and a 10/10 on TrustedReviews.

  • Terrell Bush