LaVar Ball throws more criticism at Luke Walton, Lakers organisation

"I'll play for anybody", Ball responded to the yes or no question with half a smile, followed by a head nod in self approval at his response.

"I don't see that the players aren't playing hard", Walton said.

"Lonzo looked good, but he also looked disgusted", LaVar said of his elder son's performance in a 108-94 loss to the Charlotte Hornets on Thursday night. "Luke doesn't have control of the team no more".

Asked if his father thinks Walton should not be the Lakers' head coach, Lonzo Ball said: "That's just his opinion". "I know how to coach him".

Vitale was less jarred by Ball making life miserable for his son Lonzo, who plays under Walton, than he was by his own company for enabling him. "My only concern with any of it is for Zo", Walton said, brushing off the comments.

"I'm fine with it, it doesn't bother me", Walton said of LaVar Ball's repeated criticism of him. "I've said all along, 'there're always parents and parents are going to get mad at things. I don't decide who the coach is". So, he is definitely going to have a strong opinion about it. During the meeting they asked for a more positive tone from LaVar Ball. Sunday's story was the first time, however, that LaVar had outright suggested Walton should not coach the Lakers.

LaVar Ball has had issues with his sons' coaches the past few years and even pulled LaMelo from Chino Hills High prior to the start of the season because of problems with first-year coach Dennis Latimore. "What is he gonna tell them?" He's too young, he's too young.

One wonders if Carlisle is more upset with Ball, or ESPN.

However when asked whether he enjoyed Walton as a coach, Lonzo did little to stem the speculation, simply answering: "I'll play for anybody". "But he knows I am ready to play. They're giving us what they have and we're going to keep working and we'll be fine".

"My job is to play basketball", Ball said when asked about having a preference for playing for certain coaches. On Sunday, he said he has been given reassurances from the Lakers front office that he has their support.

"I feel very secure in my job status right now", Walton said.

  • Stacy Allen