Yogi and Siddaramaiah spar on Twitter

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Drawing a parallel between Uttar Pradesh and Karnataka, Yogi hinted that the issue of Hanuman Jayanthi which had become controversial a few months ago after the Congress government banned a procession in Hunsur in Mysuru, may play a dominant role during the Assembly elections here.

CM Siddaramaiah probably thought his tweet would make CM Yogi speechless.

Four constables and a sub-inspector were suspended on Saturday after farmers dumped heaps of rotten potatoes outside Uttar Chief Minister Adityanath's residence and the state Assembly in Lucknow on Saturday, the Hindustan Times reported.

"We're solving historical challenges in HDI (human development index) with a robust welfare program, and India's most effective Industrial policies", Mr Siddaramaiah said, patting himself on his back for what he called was his "Karnataka Model of Governance".

Later in the night, Yogi Adityanath replied to Siddaramaiah.

The UP CM highlighted the issue of farmers'suicide and transfer of honest officers in Karnataka.

"The Congress has been using the state as an ATM for years". Yogi Adityanath, seen as the BJP's Hindutva mascot, was the party's star campaigner at a rally in the state capital on Sunday where he was introduced as the Chief Minister who had shut down illegal slaughter houses in the state and had made Uttar Pradesh into a state where cows were protected.

"If you are a Hindu, why are you allowing beef in the state?" He said the government will hold an inquiry on where the potatoes came from.

Pitching Karnataka as the land of Lord Hanuman, he had provocatively asked people to choose between those worshipping Lord Hanuman and those of Tipu Sultan, referring to Tipu Jayanthi celebrations by the State government.

Adityanath also took a dig at Congress president Rahul Gandhi for visiting a series of temples during the Gujarat poll campaign, which had prompted the BJP to ask for clarity whether he was Hindu or Christian.

  • Rogelio Becker