Alligators survive USA brutal cold by poking noses through ice

The video shows one alligator completely frozen in place with their snout poking out of the ice so they can breathe, thus allowing them to keep their bodies under water and not have to get out into the cold surface.

"When alligators aren't sunbathing, they'll spend the other half of their life in water". The reptiles can't generate their own body heat; however, they are able to lower their body temperatures and metabolisms so that they can survive freezing temperatures.

It's loosely equated to a mammal's hibernation. As for the public safety concerns, they've said that anyone can go traipsing around them without the fear of being attacked since the gators are more concerned with surviving than biting.

The "bomb cyclone" that froze the eastern seaboard of the United States last week forced many to take extreme measures to stay warm and stay alive, including a group of rather inventive alligators in North Carolina. "I can't imagine it being very good for them if it was much over a week in cold water".

"Just hanging out in the water there".

North Carolina is the furthest north the alligator species would travel. "Their bodies like the warmth".

This case has emerged in from Shallotte River Swamp Park, located 200 miles south of Charlotte. Temperatures at the park have warmed up lately, freeing the gators from the icy pond. Some wondered if the alligators were employing a survival mechanism.

"It made sense immediately why they were doing it".

  • Rogelio Becker