Roseanne Claims She'd Be A 'Better President Than Oprah'

"I feel like half the people voted for Trump and half didn't, so it's just realistic", she told journalists at the Television Critics Association winter press tour.

The show's creators didn't say if any other characters will be portrayed as Trump supporters.

"It was the working-class people who elected Trump", Barr said.

Barr added that she wanted to focus on "polarization in the family" in particular, and "people actually hating other people for the way they voted", which she said she feels "is not American".

Roseanne Barr's own political beliefs have been very well-documented, and at TCA today there was an at-times passionate discussion about politics.

Barr asked Bruce Helford, an executive producer, to talk about why Roseanne Conner is shown in the new show to be a Trump voter.

Roseanne Barr thinks she'd be a better choice than President Oprah.

After all, as Darlene actress and Roseanne E.P. Sara Gilbert put it, "This is a time when our country is divided".

"My children took my Twitter password away from me, which is kind of disturbing because so much is going on this week", the grandmother of six said. "There's probably a lot of things Hillary Clinton has done and said that you don't agree with it", she said.

"I've always tried to have (the show) be a true reflection of the society we live in", Barr said Monday. Goodman's Dan Conner died in the finale, to be explained through Roseanne's dreams and writing. That included politicians-as demonstrated in Season 4's "Aliens", when Roseanne meets a state representative, Mike Summers, who is promoting a plan that gives tax breaks to corporations setting up shop in her hometown of Lanford, Illinois. On some level, everybody involved realizes that this could work in the show's favor - so long as Barr herself can stay on message. And Barr spent nearly as much time during the revival's Television Critics Association winter press tour press conference dodging questions about her Trump support as she did attempting to explain why her TV husband, Dan (John Goodman), was still alive in the revival when the final season of the original show memorably killed him off (albeit offscreen).

When asked about Oprah Winfrey's recent speech at the Golden Globes, which has stirred up talk of her running for office in 2020, Barr had this to say.

"I do love Oprah. To me (the show) was a great opportunity to have a family that can be divided by politics and still be united by love, and that's a great thing for this country right now".

Even so, she joked that she would be a better president than Oprah and Susan Sarandon, and "and possibly even Trump".

  • Kyle Peterson