With cameras rolling, Trump urges both parties to cut deals on immigration

U.S. President Donald Trump urged lawmakers on Tuesday to find a bipartisan solution to protect thousands of young, undocumented immigrants from deportation but repeated his demand that any agreement must include funding for a border wall with Mexico.

"The wall is going to happen or we're not going to have DACA", Trump said Saturday after meeting with congressional Republicans at Camp David.

In September, Trump said he was scrapping the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, but then delayed enforcement to give Congress six months - until March - to craft a lasting solution.

Republicans, Ryan added, want to make sure that the package, however, is "balanced", so that the USA doesn't have a DACA program five to 10 years from now. Trump a year ago ended the Obama-era Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, which shielded more than 700,000 people from deportation and gave then the right to work legally.

While the President has floated renewing the programme in exchange if Democrats agree to fortified border security, potentially including advancing the border wall, liberal lawmakers have resisted those types of conditions.

Some immigration advocates agreed that a deal would likely involve boosted border security, including some measures to buttress physical barriers such as reinforcing fences and augmenting other existing structures. And, if Republicans can convince Trump to accept more money for border security overall as a win on the wall.

"Sitting next to that President and listening him explain the wall, it was explained in so many different ways.as to how long is was, what it was like, how tall it was, whether it was really a fence", Durbin said after the meeting Tuesday.

Now Trump has called for an initial $18 billion in us taxpayer funding for the wall, a proposal Democrats uniformly are opposed to, along with some Republican lawmakers. "I think he thinks they're interchangeable". Trump also seemed to imply that he is willing to weather his base's displeasure should it learn that he might be down to grant millions of undocumented immigrants a path to citizenship, telling Senator Lindsey Graham, "I'll take the heat". Just how many miles of a constructed wall the president would need to sign onto an immigration bill would be subject to negotiation, said House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy.

The discussions on immigration were taking place in the aftermath of the president's public blow-up with former campaign and White House adviser Steve Bannon, one of the architects of Trump's calls for a border wall along the U.S. Southern border.

She said negotiations will center on what immigration compromises Trump might be willing to make with Democrats because "Republicans will by and large vote for anything the president supports".

That would be in addition to Trump winning funding for his promised southern border wall and added border security.

The top Democrat in the House of Representatives, Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, told reporters Monday, "I think we will" reach an agreement on the young immigrants, mainly because neither Democrats nor Republicans want a partial government shutdown at the end of next week.

  • Rogelio Becker