Google acquires United Kingdom technology start-up Redux

According to Bloomberg, the global tech firm quietly acquired the Cambridge-based startup, whose proprietary technology creates surfaces which transform phone displays into speakers. Google's decision to buy the company may accelerate that rollout, meaning we could see Redux's haptic sound technology come to a Google device later this year. As expected the Redux website is now down and Google is expected to officially announce the acquisition.

Redux's technology eliminates the need for small speakers in mobile handsets, making more space available for other components. According to regulator filings, the shares of Redux' holding company were transferred to Alphabet in early December previous year. The actual deal was reportedly made in August 2017. It had raised $5 million in Series B funding from Arie Capital on March 22nd, 2017.

Along with this, Redux can also use these vibrations to create haptic feedback when interacting with a display that tries to mimic the feel of touching buttons and moving sliders/dials.

Hopefully, it won't be too long until Google integrates this technology into their system, because we'll be able to have even thinner devices with bigger batteries. Needless to say, the tech that helps integrate smartphone speakers within the display will be invaluable for Google or any other smartphone manufacturers.

It is unclear what work the Redux team will do for Google, or already has been doing, but it's possible that they could be working to use the technology to improve the sound quality of Google's own smartphones.

Right ahead of the Pixel 2's unveiling last fall, it was announced that Google purchased a heap of smartphone engineers from HTC to spearhead smartphone projects for the coming years. At the CES consumer electronics conference in Las Vegas this week, Google is heavily promoting its voice-controlled speakers that compete with Inc.'s Echo device.

  • Joey Payne