Texas Panhandle Counties Reporting the Flu

"We had a pretty high number in 2014-15, and again in 2016-17", Johnson said.

The H3N2 Flu is a subtype of influenza A. This type of strain has been known to be particularly severe according to the World Health Organization (WHO). During the same week past year, there were 285 hospitalizations in the state.

Health care clinics are seeing up to 90 patients a day with flu-like symptoms in the Austin area.

While flu-related deaths and hospitalizations in OH are mounting, worries about a flu pandemic are unfounded, local health officials said.

Across the country, there have been a number of pediatric deaths reported, including one child in NY.

Harris said hospitals in almost half of Alabama counties are at 90 percent of their patient capacity.

Last flu season, 72 people died from flu-related illnesses in Idaho, more than triple the average of 23 deaths during each of the previous four flu seasons.

Those 13 and older who are experiencing runny nose, sore throat, fever or cough are also encouraged not to visit patients being treated at Novant Health facilities.

What is a flu pandemic, and is it likely to happen?

There has been a rise in the flu across the country with 46 states reported widespread flu outbreak. Pandemics happen when new influenza viruses emerge that are easily spread.

"Influenza like illnesses happens", she said. Hospitals are having a harder time treating patients with the flu, mainly because the H3N2 virus is the dominant circulating strain.

Influenza viruses are constantly changing, with new strains appearing regularly.

We know that we need better antivirals, and there are new ones in the pipeline, but they are not now available.

Professor Paul Cosford, medical director with Publid Health England, said its data showed that more people were visiting Global Positioning System with flu symptoms and more people were being admitted to hospitals with the flu.

"We think flu season will run for several more weeks", Safranek said.

One of the main problems is that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says this year's flu vaccine has only been about 10 percent effective.

But, the vaccines are "far from flawless", Fitzgerald said. Both of those seasons were seasons where the strain H3N2 was the predominant strain. The CDC believes this year's vaccine will have comparable levels of effectiveness.

Though Chen says this year's flu shot is weaker than in years past, but says that shouldn't mean a person doesn't get it. If you read no further, know this: The answer is yes, you should still get a flu shot.

No. Getting the vaccine now will take you through the flu season's second peak in early spring.

The flu also took the life of a mother of two young sons, ages seven and nine.

This year's flu season is.

Complicating matters was that World War I had left parts of the USA with a physician/health worker shortage, and numerous available medical personnel came down with the flu themselves.

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