Amazon's Echo Spot is coming to the United Kingdom later this month

Amazon's Echo Spot is coming to the United Kingdom later this month


Since its smart speakers were also best selling products in 2017, the number of people who now have access to Alexa is always increasing, giving consumers the opportunity to experiment with a new way of shopping.

Amazon's virtual assistant Alexa will eventually be able to provide more of its own opinions and a broader array of facts in answer to recommendation-based questions from users, according to TechCrunch.

What sets the $130 Echo Spot apart from its Amazon counterparts is its circular touchscreen, which can display a clock, videos, lists, and more information on demand.

Amazon announced the United Kingdom release of its Alexa-powered Echo Spot, its latest smart speaker.

While the Echo has found its natural place around the kitchen - bettered by the Echo Show that adds a useful display to the arrangement meaning you can do a whole lot more without whipping your phone out of your pocket - the prominence of those devices makes them a little overbearing for the bedroom.

The other popular use of amazon echo devices is listening to music. Users can also personalise the devices and scenes in their Fibaro smart home system via the company's desktop platform or via its Z-Wave or HomeKit apps.

If you're looking for the smartest alarm clock of all time, with some excellent auxiliary features such as video calling and connectivity with external speakers, the Echo Spot is for you.

Both devices are designed for video calls and both feature the instant "drop in" feature that lets you make quick video calls without actually making the call. As soon as you click the Enable button, it will change from orange to gray and now say Disable on it. Clicking this will remove the Skill from your account, and you'll be right back where you started.

The screen itself has three levels of zoom, switching between showing the entire footage, to a slightly cropped version where the corners are cut off, to full screen where you only see the central content in shot. It's comparable to the Echo Dot so this isn't really going to be the first port of call if you want to listen to music, but if you want to wake up listening to the radio then it's perfectly suited to that job.

Initially, only a USA release date was revealed for the device but now it's coming to the United Kingdom 24 January and we've finally got our hands on with the device. Or, if you prefer, a radio station.

Like the Echo Dot there's an integrated speaker and we were surprised with how good it sounds. So should you buy the Echo Show or the Echo Spot?

Like the Echo Dot, the Spot if a flawless extension to your Echo ecosystem. Amazon hasn't revealed the specs for the Echo Spot's camera, but we've reached out for confirmation.

  • Terrell Bush