Voters 'in the dark' over Labour's position on Brexit

There are also concerns the success of Mr Corbyn's key allies in winning three new places on the National Executive Committee makes it more likely it could now back cutting or scrapping the threshold of nominations needed to stand in a Labour leadership contest, seen as a move to ensure the hard left can always get on the ballot.

His comments came as shadow foreign secretary Emily Thornberry called the United States president "an asteroid of awfulness".

MODERATE Labour MPs could quit and stand as independents against the party if they are booted out of their seats by the hard left.

Deputy Tory party chairman James Cleverly said: "Once again the very top of Labour, this time Jeremy Corbyn and Emily Thornberry, have failed to rule out a second referendum".

This week President Trump said he was cancelling a proposed visit to open the new USA embassy in London, saying the new embassy was a "bad deal".

Labour leader and self-styled Communist Jeremy Corbyn has questioned the value of Britain's "special relationship" with the U.S., suggesting Washington is not actually the UK's "most important ally, ' while criticizing Trump " s 'endless offensive remarks.', seems Corbyn watches a great deal of CNN and has little knowledge of the actual Trump Administration. He once promised Britain would be "front of the queue" to secure a new trade deal after Brexit, and Theresa May was the first leader to visit the White House after his inauguration.

But some in the pro-EU campaign, like the Liberal Democrats and former Labour Prime Minister Tony Blair, want another referendum before the United Kingdom leaves the European Union, which is due to happen in March 2019.

However, the episode has increased the pressure on Mr Corbyn and the Labour leadership to soft their stance further. 'I think it is wrong to have brought her into this in this way, ' she told BBC's Andrew Marr show.

"We are not supporting or calling for a second referendum", he said.

"But, at the moment, and as things now stand, we proceed in good faith, we do as we are instructed and we are leaving the European Union".

The comments came after some Labour figures called for the party to change tack and campaign to remain in the single market and customs union after withdrawal.

Trump, whose grandmother was Scottish, has long emphasised the importance of the special relationship. Still, he admitted Washington is "obviously culturally and economically significant and important".

"Also our relationship with global institutions such as the United Nations is very important".

  • Joey Payne