Kim and Kanye name baby girl Chicago West

According to TMZ, the LV post on Kardashian's social media account was simply in honor of a new Vuitton collection designed by Kardashian's friend Kim Jones.

Despite all these things she told the reader about her new daughter that she and rest of the family bonded with her baby.

Kardashian finished her post thanking her gestational carrier, describing the couples wonderful relationship with her, and debunking the idea that having a carrier is emotionally easy. We are so excited to finally welcome home our baby girl.

"North is like a little mommy who wants to help and take care of her". Or, who knows, maybe the West family has just been marathoning ER lately and wanted to pay homage to it. Their other two children are named Saint and North, not exactly the most common forenames on the block.

While Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have been open about using a surrogate for their third child, Kim has now revealed their surrogate was not used in the traditional sense.

Kim quickly stopped this particular rumour, though.

Blurring out her nipples and covering some of her body with her quilt, Kim let it all hang out.

"How awesome did Naomi & Kate look?!" she said of the artistic director's last show which featured the two iconic supermodels.

One rumour that has gained a bit of credibility is one that suggests that the couple could be about to pay tribute to Kanye's late mum and call their new child Donda.

The pressure is definitely on for Kim and Kanye, because they've gotta come up with a name as extra as North AND Saint.

Kanye's mother, Donda, died of complications from cosmetic surgery in November 2007. They have also reportedly raised their security so photographers can not snap photos of the child and release them before the family is ready.

  • Kyle Peterson