Michael Douglas Accused Of Sexual Harassment By Former Employee

According to Today, Braudy worked for Douglas' production company for three years back in the 1980s-a pinnacle decade for the actor during which he starred in the films Fatal Attraction and Wall Street.

Braudy said she left the apartment immediately and said nothing, adding, "I was surprised I wasn't falling to pieces even though I was humiliated". These files showcase how the actor, among other things, used profane language in the work environment and masturbated in front of her during a meeting in his apartment.

"He slid down to the floor, unbuckled his belt and put his hand inside his pants", Braudy said. I see it as a cautionary tale.... "When he sweetly asked me to sign a confidentiality agreement, I knew Michael was preparing to fire me", she said, describing how, with her lawyer's guidance, she exited the company without signing a confidentiality agreement.

After the incident, Braudy says she told a few friends who warned her about speaking out against the Hollywood actot.

"One of my friends said you better not tell people about him", she said.

He said that he "would have been honest" about her as an employee if anyone in the industry called to ask about her, but said he never blackballed her.

He added that the allegations were "extremely painful" and that sharing the news with wife Catherine Zeta-Jones and his kids was hard and upsetting.

Douglas, 73, is the latest big-name celebrity accused of seamy behavior since a sexual harassment watershed began with the downfall of movie mogul Harvey Weinstein in 2017.

She told the Hollywood Reporter, which Douglas had mentioned specifically in his January 9 statement, that she closed her notebook and left the apartment immediately after seeing that he had both hands down his trousers and appeared to reach a climax within seconds. Douglas then sent the publication a written statement calling Braudy's allegations "an unfortunate and complete fabrication". "Maybe she is disgruntled her career didn't go the way she hoped and she is holding this grudge", he toldDeadline. "I think it's very clear the way that he stands".

During that meeting, Braudy says Douglas masturbated in front of her. I realized he thought he could do anything he wanted because he was so much more powerful than I was.

Braudy's account of her time working with Douglas was framed in a column by the Hollywood Reporter's editorial director Matthew Belloni.

"My reaction was that as two people who have been in this business - him longer than me - was that we support "Me Too" and the movement more than anybody, anybody - me as a woman, him as a man", Zeta-Jones told Entertainment Tonight. "I vowed I'd never be alone with him again".

He also joked to a group of agents that she looked like someone who "screams in the sack". 'Hey, thank you, you're good. "These are some reasons why so many women don't come forward with their stories - Lord knows it's taken 30 years and a movement for me to gather my courage".

  • Kyle Peterson