Tim Cook Says iPhone Users Can Turn Off Throttling -- Soon

Tim Cook Says iPhone Users Can Turn Off Throttling -- Soon


"You never can tell when something is so urgent", Cook said, suggesting you may prefer reliability - especially when you need your iPhone the most - over performance.

Apple is following through on their promise to give their customers have full "visibility" around the shelf life of their iPhone batteries.

This update will also provide notifications to users before it throttles the system performance due to weak battery life.

You will be soon able to opt out of Apple intentionally slowing down your iPhone's performance.

Alternatively we suppose if you do receive the link but want to keep the thread, then you'll have to wait until next week when Apple releases the fix, assuming that it works, of course. He added that turning it off is not recommended because emergency situations may occur, users might expect an important call or they might want to capture a precious moment with their camera so Apple wanted to make sure that an unexpected restart or a shutdown won't prevent those from happening. Currently, iOS will warn users if their battery is substantially decayed, but will not notify them of partial aging - even if that aging is severe enough to warrant the slowdown.

The California-based company acknowledged in December that iPhone software can slow down some phones with battery problems and apologised for the issue.

Apple will allow users to turn off a controversial iPhone feature blamed for slowing down devices following widespread backlash. "But maybe we should have been clearer as well", he said. Apple's solution to avoid this issue is to slow the phone down.

"We deeply apologise for anyone who thinks we have some other kind of motivation". A release date for the throttling update hasn't been announced but the tech giant's CEO claims the disabling software will go into testing in February. A new iPhone costs at least $650, while a battery replacement used to cost $79 (Apple has since discounted battery replacements for most models to $29).

  • Terrell Bush