SARAH SMACKDOWN: Huckabee Sanders ROASTS Flake's 'RIDICULOUS' Temper Tantrum

Though many in the administration have defended the president, White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders has the job of doing that on a daily basis, where she spars with reporter and journalists during the daily press briefings. Jeff Flake's rant before the US Senate on Wednesday, calling the anti-Trump lawmaker's speech a desperate attempt to gain national "attention".

The 2020 election is still over one thousand days away, but President Trump is already floating, and ruling out, possible challengers, Politico reports. "He went to Cuba a few weeks ago and served as a mouthpiece for the oppressive Cuban government", Sanders said Wednesday during the White House press briefing.

Sen. Marco Rubio slammed his colleague's remarks in a tweet, stating "It's a documented FACT that 24 USA govt officials & spouses were victims of some sort of sophisticated attack while stationed in Havana".

The communist regime in Cuba has denied launching the attacks, putting Flake squarely in defense of the regime's lies as he criticizes President Trump for oppressing American media.

Needless to add, while denouncing his government as liars last week, Senator Flake was (yet again!) on a red-carpet visit to Havana hosted by his Stalinist Cuban friends. "Jeff Flake is not criticizing the president because he's against oppression", Sanders said, in reference to Flake's comparison of Trump to Stalin. "I think we've been dealing with this hoax for a better part of a year". But when she's not trying to assuage the press' concerns about nuclear war or racist comments, Sanders is just a regular degular mother of three trying to figure out what we all need to know: how the hell to work Alexa. I'm standing right here taking questions.

  • Kyle Peterson