Hyderabad man run over by speeding train while taking a selfie

The 21-second-long video emerged on Wednesday after it went viral on social media. The staff could be heard asking him to move away from the track as he is standing close to the tracks with his hand extended on to the track.

In the final, blurred frames of the video it appears that the youth is hit to the side of the tracks, out of the path of the train as his phone rolls away.

Gym trainer T Siva ignored warnings from a person nearby and the train driver while filming near Borabanda railway station on 21 January.

A youth in his early 20s suffered serious head injuries after his insane video for a "perfect" selfie alongside the railway tracks went wrong.

There is an audible warning from a person nearby and a repeated horn blaring from the train. According to Railway Protection Force (RPF) officials, T Shiva, a 25-year-old gym trainer, along with his brother-in-law P Satish were passing through the railway tracks on Sunday at Bharath Nagar. The conductor warned Kumar about the train's proximity by honking repeatedly.

Back in November 2016, a study by the Indraprastha Institute of Information Delhi and Carnegie Mellon University revealed the countries with the most selfie related deaths.

A Hyderabad man on Sunday almost died while taking a selfie video with a speeding train in the background.

They later said he wanted to "touch the train" as it passed. The recent selfie deaths have forced the country to declare some places as no-selfie zones.

  • Rogelio Becker