Human hair dye leaves a dog in nearly died situation

A dog in Florida is recovering after it nearly died from severe burns she received when her owner tried to dye the dog's hair purple using hair colouring meant for people.

The purple dye also caused Violet's eyes to swell shut, and the post warns against another significant danger-internal burns.

Staff administered fluids and pain medication, bandaged her burns and tried to wash away as much dye as possible.

But this led to her eyes swelling up and becoming "limp and listless".

But when they removed the bandages and shaved her coat, the true extent of Violet's injuries were laid bare when her skin had started to peel off.

Human hair dye contains toxic chemicals and should never be used on dogs or other pets, the PCAS said.

According to the Pinellas County Animal Services, Violet, a Maltese mix, was brought in for treatment around October with her injuries, and staff didn't think she'd make it through the night.

Animal Services shelter director Doug Brightwell said "a good Samaritan" found Violet wandering around as a stray and dropped her off at an emergency after-hours clinic in St. Petersburg.

"It was so much worse than we initially thought - how would this little dog make it through".

"And if we ever get an owner identified who did this, then we will work with law enforcement to try and pursue charges", Brightwell said.

Dying your hair neon colours might be all the rage on humans these days, but an animal shelter in Florida has issued a stern warning not to pass the style on to pets.

"When the final bandages came off we breathed a collective sigh of relief - Violet was lovely", animal services said. When the staff looked at the dog they take it as impossible that the pet will be able to survive even after being in such situation.

After three months of antibiotics and painkillers, Violet was adopted a local dog groomer.

Have you ever tried your hair dye on the dog?

While the dog began to show signs of recovery, staff feared she would be left permanently blind. "Shes a very sweet little girl".

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