Saudi billionnaire Alwaleed freed from detention

Complicating the picture, a journalist from Reuters was allowed inside the Ritz early Saturday to interview the prince in what was said to be his suite.

Another high-profile detainee, former National Guard chief Prince Miteb bin Abdullah, was released recently following his "settlement" with authorities which reportedly exceeded $1bn. Suspects were accused of crimes such as money laundering, bribery and extorting officials. I'm so comfortable, I'm so relaxed.

Billionaire Saudi Prince Al-Waleed was released on Saturday after almost three months in detention, a business associate told AFP, as a sweeping anti-corruption campaign targeting the kingdom's elite winds down. I shave here, like at home.

"Rest assured this is a clean operation that we have and we're just in discussion with the government on various matters that I can not divulge right now", the prince said, according to a transcript of the interview.

"I told the government I'd stay as much as they want, because I want the truth to come out on all my dealings and on all things that are around me". "I'm like at home, frankly speaking", he said in a 30-minute interview.

One top businessman who is still being held is billionaire Prince Alwaleed bin Talal, chairman and owner of global investment firm Kingdom Holding.

More than 200 princes, politicians, and wealthy businessmen were detained in the crackdown.

Prince Alwaleed's worth is estimated at $17.4 billion by Forces.

However, he said he had been treated well, describing rumors of mistreatment and of being moved from the hotel to a prison as completely false.

Saudi authorities have released founder of MBC network Waleed bin Ibrahim al-Ibrahim from the Ritz Carlton in Riyadh, the company CEO told employees late Friday evening, as reported by The Daily Star.

The terms of his release are unclear but the government has said that most detainees have agreed on financial settlements in exchange for their freedom as the anti-corruption campaign winds down.

  • Eleanor Harrison