Air Drive One wants new fridges - and it's going to value $24M

In December, the Air Force awarded Boeing a contract to replace two "chillers", or refrigerators, on Air Force One - for a total cost of $23,657,671. According to Defense One, they have to be able to store about 3,000 meals for weeks, without restocking.

The $24 million will also cover the cost of testing and certification by the Federal Aviation Administration, according to the contract. "The units depended on the innovation at the time and intended for here and now nourishment stockpiling", Air Force representative Ann Stefanek told CNN. "The units were based on the technology at the time and designed for short-term food storage", [Stefanek said].

Aboulafia said the refrigerators, and many other items on the aircraft, are so expensive because they are they are unique to Air Force One and not used on commercial or business jets.

Air Force One, the military-spec jet liner that ferries President Donald Trump around the globe, is to receive a $24m (£17m) refrigerator upgrade.

Shortly afterwards, many national news outlets picked up on the story, reporting it under attention-grabbing headlines such as "Air Force One's new refrigerators cost $24 million".

An Air Force spokesperson added that while the system is regularly serviced, "reliability has decreased with failures increasing, especially in hot/humid environments".

It's not clear where Trump got the $4bn figure; at the time Boeing had a $170m contract to begin work on the next Air Force One. "The units can't adequately bolster mission prerequisites for nourishment stockpiling", she said. "It's not getting people rich".

The Boeing company was awarded the contract for the overhaul in December, with the work to be completed in October, 2019.

Previous senior consultant to President Barack Obama Eric Schultz derided the high sticker price in a tweet on Friday, saying, "we would have been reprimanded".

Five such chillers cool 26 climate-controlled compartments, the Air Force says, according to Weisgerber.

Even after winning the election, Trump pushed back against the expense, tweeting that the United States should cancel an order for a new presidential 747 because "costs are out of control". Boeing declined to comment on the deal, referring all questions to the Air Force.

What hums, flies above 30,000ft, and costs about as much as Donald Trump's upstate NY manor?

  • Rogelio Becker