Lorde not performing at Grammys because she wasn't offered solo spot

According to TMZ, she will also not be appearing on the red carpet.

The New Zealand singer is up for Album of the Year for "Melodrama" at the NY ceremony, and while the other nominees in the category - who are all male - were offered a solo spot (according to Variety), Lorde was only asked to take part in a collaborative tribute to Tom Petty.

Word is she won't even be on the red carpet before the show, because she didn't want to be too involved after a "heated back and forth" where she was only offered a chance to sing as part of that tribute to Petty.

Lamar and Gambino will perform solo, while Mars will hit the stage with rapper Cardi B. Jay-Z is the only one not confirmed to be performing.

Lorde's mom (or mum, I suppose) poet Sonja Yelich took issue with the history of sexism at the Grammys in a social media post on Friday.

A slap in the face?

The article also pointed out that Lorde was the only female artist nominated for Album of the Year this year, but isn't scheduled to perform. Citing "sources close to the situation", the publication states that Lorde was approached to perform with other artists at the show, which one source claims was a tribute to Tom Petty.

She circled a section which reads: "Of the 899 people nominated in the last six Grammy Awards, 9 percent were women".

If this reasoning is true, and the Grammys only offered Lorde a joint performance slot, it raises a lot of questions.

Will YOU be watching?

  • Kyle Peterson