Nicole Eggert Details Scott Baio Sexual Abuse Allegations to Megyn Kelly

During her interview with Kelly, Eggert claims that Baio expressed interest in her immediately when she began filming Charles in Charge in September 1986.

Eggert also disputed Baio's claim that they had sex when she was 18, saying that they first had sexual intercourse when she was 17, under the age of consent in California.

Nicole Eggert claims her former "Charles in Charge" co-star Scott Baio sexually abused her for years starting when she was 14.

Eggert said she told a few "close, close friends" about the alleged molestation at the time.

"He initiated it", she said.

Actress Nicole Eggert is seen at a Summer Television Critics Association in Beverly Hills on July 9, 2014, and actor Scott Baio is seen at the Kids' Choice Awards in Los Angeles on March 23, 2013.

The first was a 2012 Yahoo interview in which Eggert said she would "love to work with" Baio in the future.

But the man who interviewed Eggert for the Dirty, Nik Richie, said in a post Monday that she was "distraught" and an "emotional wreck" after their interview. According to Eggert, the sexual abuse started before her 15th birthday when "we were at his house in his auto in his garage, and he reached over and penetrated me with his finger".

She addressed tape played by Baio in which she said she wanted to lose her virginity.

In Baio's denial video, he said Eggert came on to him and he succumbed to her advances like any "red blooded American" would do. "She said, 'He molested me as a child and I didn't know any better.' I can vividly remember that statement".

"For 30 years I've held in the embarrassment and shame of being abused daily on the set of Charles in Charge". She was visibly shaken and her eyes were watering.

Asked if she was a "willing participant" when she and Baio had sex, the actress responded, "I was a willing participant to an extent. I wish now I had done more".

After Eggert tweeted about her former costar on Saturday, Baio vehemently denied any abuse had occurred. He was telling me, 'You can't tell anybody, this is illegal, I'll go to jail. Eggert said, "There was a lot of manipulation that went into it".

She told Kelly that the abuse took place about once a week during the show's run. "But I was 17". And when I talk to other women, I don't think 'Oh, you're weak.

Eggert and her lawyer Lisa Bloom are pursuing all legal options, including the possibility of going to the police.

She removed any replies that got into the specifics of what happened, leaving only her initial tweet, the one that started this conversation and a supportive re-tweet from Adam Carl, an actor who appeared in one episode of Charles in Charge.

"I sat with you while you cried about that abusive a-hole", he wrote.

  • Kyle Peterson