House of Cards resumes production on final season

Work on the political thriller was halted when allegations of sexual assault and harassment emerged against lead actor Kevin Spacey in October a year ago.

Netflix has not yet confirmed when season six of "House of Cards" will air.

Diane Lane and Greg Kinnear will join returning cast members Michael Kelly, Patricia Clarkson, Constance Zimmer, Jayne Atkinson, Derek Cecil and Campbell Scott.

Prior to the Spacey scandal, House of Cards was already losing its must-see TV designation, as tends to happen to any drama that runs this many years.

Do you think the series can go out on a high note without its polarizing lead? let us know your thoughts down below! Since then, the show's writers have been hard at work reshaping the season to revolve around Frank's wife Claire Underwood (Robin Wright). It's unclear who Kinnear and Lane will play, but they're supposedly brother and sister, according to The New York Times.

Lane, who was nominated for an Academy Award for her role in 2002's Unfaithful, recently appeared as Martha Kent in Justice League. There's no guarantee that will happen in this final season, but surely there will be some kind of narrative explanation for why the character is no longer around. The fate of the show remained in limbo until December, when Netflix announced the series would carry on without its star. The streaming giant also shortened the length of the season from 13 episodes to 8 episodes.

The production news emerges after actor Joel Kinnaman admitted he was not surprised by the allegations made against Spacey, because he has friends who shared alarming stories about his old castmate. The sixth and final season will feature Ms. Wright, after Mr.

This is the first news in a while related to Season 6 of Netflix's first original series.

  • Kyle Peterson