Mike Fisher puts retirement in rearview and rejoins Predators' roster

The good news is that the Chicago Blackhawks looked really good in their last game before the All-Star break and it had to give them a lot of confidence heading into the 2nd half of the season, especially after a couple feel good losses to the Tampa Bay Lightning and Toronto Maple Leafs. As an official active member of the team, Fisher can play in any games coming up on the schedule until his contract expires at the end of the season.

Poile believes Fisher has some unfinished business and wants to help the Predators win two more games than they did previous year when they lost the Stanley Cup Final in six games to Pittsburgh.

The former Predators captain played seven seasons with the club, scoring 109 goals and 237 points. "This is happening! Fish is back!" Fisher, 37, was traded to the Predators in 2011, after marrying Underwood in 2010; together, they have one son, Isaiah. After all, he was the Predators' most heavily utilized forward on the penalty kill and skated the fourth-highest average ice time on the power play up front for Nashville last season.

While Fisher will be able to contribute as a secondary-scorer, his value goes far beyond what he can do on the scoresheet.

While Fisher is headed back on the ice, Poile assured the team and press that he would be offering his skills and support to the Preds, but would not take back his position as team captain, whichh now belongs to defenseman Roman Josi.

On Wednesday, Fisher took his first step towards his return, skating at the Predators' home rink in the first of what could be many workouts before he signs a contract with the team.

Coach Peter Laviolette had discussions with Fisher and said the players are excited for Fisher's return. It isn't hard to understand why either as the veteran will be 38 years old in June and has already made it clear that he intends on enjoying the other parts of his life while he still can. A peace that said this is God's will for your future. "A peace that said whether or not this was the right time to walk away", Fisher said. "I got a blessing from family and my wife". Laviolette said the team leaders are excited for Fisher's return. "I believe I can contribute and play and come back and help this team whatever that role is". No one will be happier than I will be to see it happen, because, these fans, they deserve it.

  • Stacy Allen