Record-Low Black Unemployment Trump Touted Jumps Most Since 2012

What the jump does suggest, however, is that neither Trump nor his policies have anything to do with the black unemployment rate being at a record low.

Trump also tweeted about the record low on January 19 - and he mentioned it Tuesday during his first State of the Union address.

Don't try to argue this.

Richmond continued: "African Americans have a lot to lose under the Trump Administration and we have lost a lot already, especially when it comes to his justice, voting rights, education, housing, and healthcare policies".

However, it bounces around more than the white unemployment rate because it's based on a smaller population. And it ignores the past year in the United States, in which black lawmakers, civil rights figures, athletes, entertainers, and more have relentlessly criticized the president amid a wave of liberal and progressive activism. "It was like 'we are going to be the resistance'". It sounded really good.

Several Black Caucus members have announced plans to boycott the State of the Union address. Taylor, 97, died last month. Shutting down a mine, Blair Zimmerman said, is "as bad as it gets". "It's not happening. There's not been any significant change in the industry since he's taken over".

The speech, historically a list of priorities for presidents, was also about what Trump didn't say.

"That rate is just a continuation of a longer-term trend that the black unemployment rate has been consistently declining since 2011", Wilson said, adding that when the pool of available workers shrinks, people on society's margins have more opportunities to find employment. He has boasted that the rate is as low as it is - if you consider it low - "because of my policies".

Unemployment rates for black workers in the USA jumped in January, after hitting a record low in December. But so far, he hasn't accepted any of the blame for the latest increase.

In tweets, the State of the Union, and at the World Economic Forum gathering in Davos, he bragged that the black unemployment rate in the U.S. is the "lowest ever recorded". Trump himself became part of the national conversation surrounding sexual misconduct during his 2016 election campaign when a decade-old tape surfaced that included audio of Trump and Billy Bush having a lewd conversation about women.

Such actions, Perry said, can't be covered by "platitudes of American togetherness that mask rabid, structural racism and really doesn't include Black people, Latinos, immigrants and others". New labor statistics released Friday, however, show it is on the rise again.

  • Eleanor Harrison