Celebrity Big Brother final broadcast with '10 minute delay' following break-ins

Did the right person win Celebrity Big Brother?

"You forget about the people watching at home and making their own opinions on the conversations you are having, so I guess they liked the conversations!"

Fellow housemates Jess Impiazzi, Wayne Sleep, Shane Lynch and Shane Jenek will compete with her to be crowned the victor of the reality series, just over a month after the first contestants entered the compound.

Look at all these faces?' as she emerged from the house.

It came down to a vote between her and former Conservative MP Ann - with Courtney looking genuinely shocked at being named the victor.

"I think only the two of us knew what our relationship was".

On learning that she had won 49% of the vote she said:"It's incredible to think that the public chose me - I guess it's validation in the things that I believe in".

Whilst you're here, remind yourself of Andrew's drag queen alter ego "Betty Swollocks".

This year's series of Celebrity Big Brother has been called "the Year of the Woman" due to its heavy focus on gender to mark the 100th anniversary of women's partial suffrage in the UK.

This is later made even more awkward when all the ex-housemates are unleashed back into the house for the evening, with India purposely striding up to Ann and telling her they should have "one hug".

Ann's faced criticism for speaking openly about being against gay marriage - which didn't go down well with Courtney.

But the 35-year-old was declared the victor after securing 49.43% of the votes against Ann's 39.5%. You've been misinformed... I had cats.

Shane Jenek the glam drag act Courtney Act joins the Celebrity Big Brother housemates in 2018.

When asked about its contents, she explained: "There wasn't much in it".

She then revealed how much it meant, saying it was "amazing that the pubic has voted for me".

Courtney Act, who was somewhat unknown in the United Kingdom prior to Big Brother, made legions of new fans by speaking up for trans and gender issues while in the house- including a fiery confrontation with former MP for Maidstone Anne Widdicome who eventually finished second.

  • Kyle Peterson