Judge won't punish dad who charged at Nassar

The environment turned chaotic post the victim statement reading by sisters Lauren and Madison Margraves against Nassar, who will hear his final sentence on Monday.

Two of Randall Margraves' daughters were among the 265 girls molested by Nassar.

Meanwhile, the coordinator of the women's national team for USA Gymnastics has stepped down in the latest departure to rock the embattled organization in the wake of a sexual abuse scandal centered on Nassar.

Cunningham found him in direct contempt of court, but declined to fine or jail him.

Randall Margraves then ran at Nassar and almost reached him before Newburg intervened.

"I delivered, unintentionally, my three daughters to a demon", he said, expressing his angst as a parent. "I can only hope that when the day comes when Larry Nassar has ended his days on earth" that he goes to the "deepest, darkest, hottest pit in hell there is".

Margraves told the court the last thing he wants to do is cause further pain for his family. Margraves asked the officers detaining him, "What if this happened to you guys?"

"I failed my own daughter", Lynn Erickson said tearfully in court on Friday, as her daughter Ashley, one of Nassar's victims, wiped away tears.

"My daughters are the real heroes and all the victims and survivors of this", Margraves said during a press conference Friday evening. As you can see in the first video, she made this very clear during the time when Margraves was being escorted out of the room as he yelled to her, "You haven't lived through it, lady!" When the judge gave him permission, Margraves began, "You son of a b--", before the judge cut him off for using profanity. "However, he felt he still had to protect us in the way fathers do for their daughters". An online fundraising page at the website GoFundMe had collected more than $18,000 for the father's potential legal fees by early evening.

The case against Nassar, who, has sparked investigations into how U.S. Olympic officials, USA Gymnastics, the sport's governing body, and Michigan State University, where Nassar also worked, failed to investigate complaints about him going back years. He asked for a minute, and she said she couldn't allow that.

Cunningham said Nassar didn't authorize the statements and has disavowed them.

  • Stacy Allen