Kenya Government Defies Court Order to Restore TV Broadcasts

Kenya Government Defies Court Order to Restore TV Broadcasts


"My thinking is that they have no problem with Aladwa and Miguna (Miguna) - another opposition politician who was arrested on Friday - they only are testing the waters to see if they can arrest "Baba" (Raila Odinga)".

The television and radio networks had meant to carryout live coverage of the widely condemned political event, but the Kenyan authorities moved in to scuttle the plan citing security implications. The Supreme Court infuriated Kenyatta a year ago when it found irregularities in the August presidential election and annulled his victory.

"Government expected to restore NTV, Citizen TV & KTN News signals after High Court suspends switch off for 14 days pending case being heard", it tweeted.

"Against this backdrop, and in line with its relevant instruments, notably the African Charter on Democracy, Elections and Governance, the AU rejects all actions that undermine constitutional order and the rule of law", the statement said. "I think Kenya is moving away from a legal basis of government, which we fought for".

On Wednesday, the Kenyan government had said the TV stations would stay off air indefinitely.

The United States" Government has condemned the self-"inauguration" on Tuesday as Kenya's "People's President' by Kenyan opposition leader Raila Odinga declaring that President Uhuru Kenyatta was validly elected as the President of the country in accordance with Kenya's constitution.

Thousands of opposition supporters gathered at Uhuru Park in central Nairobi, chanting slogans and waving tree branches at the symbolic "swearing-in" event, which was organized by Odinga's National Super Alliance (NASA). The police had promised to use force against Mr. Odinga and his supporters, but the event proceeded peacefully, without police interference. In what appear s to be an isolated incident, police fired tear gas to try to disperse crowds pulling down signs near the park.

"I am not aware of such action, thanks", the retired Major-General, who is also the Principal Secretary nominee for Border Control and Registration of Persons, said. Odinga boycotted the repeat poll in October, saying the process was rigged, and Kenyatta won with 98 percent of the vote. The country's Supreme Court nullified the previous ballot, also won by Kenyatta, due to "illegalities and irregularities".

Mr Odinga was sworn in on January 30 as "people's president", in a six-minute a ceremony that has resulted in a major crackdown on opposition politicians. "It's an abuse of power", Omtatah said, of the government's shutdown of the channels.

The government had warned that Odinga and anyone who participates in the "illegal" inauguration would be charged with treason, a charge that attracts the death penalty.

  • Terrell Bush