Twitter goes to town on Paul Ryan over $1.50 pay rise tweet

"Chip in $1.50 now to help us repeal and replace Ryan permanently this November".

House Speaker Paul Ryan is under fire for recently bragging about the $1.50 salary increase for one female GOP secretary.

"Moments ago, @PRyan deleted this tweet after we told him just how out of touch he was".

Ryan's words also highlight the fact that tax bill is disproportionately beneficial to rich people - and that will further widen the income disparity.

Numerous responses pointed out that a $1.50 pay raise is not actually that significant, and, as CNN notes, a basic Costco membership is $60 a year.

Obama speechwriter Jon Favreau also linked to Ryan's tweet, writing: "As a thank you for passing a $1 trillion corporate tax cut, Paul Ryan received $500,000 in campaign contributions from the Koch brothers, which would probably cover the cost of buying a Costco".

Democrats were quick to mock Ryan's tweet.

Vox's Matt Yglesias pointed out that Julia's pay boost of $78 per year, multiplied by 125 workers in America, is $9.75 billion a year.

Social media users and lawmakers have been blasting Ryan on Twitter following his tweet and delete.

Immediately critics were out to point out that Ryan doesn't seem to know that a basic Costco membership costs $60 a year and so obviously $1.50 would not make much of a difference.

Earlier this week, Republicans attacked House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., when she called the payouts after the tax bill "crumbs". The image of Ryan boasting over a woman's paycheck increasing by a dollar and a half each week―in order to pay for a membership to get her into a big warehouse store full of other goods she'd need more money to buy―gives off more of an Oliver Twist impression than one of compassionate governance.

"I look forward to GAO's independent review of these tables, which will expose whether the Trump administration is tampering with Americans' paychecks, resulting in a whopping tax bill next year", Wyden said, as quoted by CNN.

  • Rogelio Becker