Powerball Winner Sues For Anonymity After Winning $560 Million

A lottery player in New Hampshire is asking a court to let her claim a $560 million Powerball jackpot without revealing her name.

Had the woman signed the ticket in the name of a trust rather than her own name, her identity could have remained private.

New Hampshire lottery rules state unclaimed Powerball prizes lapse following one year.

"She is a longtime resident of New Hampshire and is an engaged community member", said attorney Steven Gordon.

Gordon calls her "an engaged community member" who "wishes to continue this work and [keep] the freedom to walk into a grocery store or attend public events without being known or targeted as the victor of a half-billion dollars".

Maura McCann, a spokeswoman with the New Hampshire Lottery Commission, discloses to NPR that the state's Right to Know law enables them to uncover the personality of the individual whose name is composed on the ticket.

Only after she handed it in did an attorney advise her to create a trust to collect her earnings anonymously but, because she had already signed her ticket, the woman's options are limited, Courthouse News reported. The state is holding its ground.

In a statement to the Boston Globe, the state lottery's executive director, Charlie McIntyre, said his agency understands that winning such a large sum is a "life-changing occurrence".

"Without the ticket being redeemed, interest is being lost to the petitioner on a daily basis", the complaint says. Any adjustment to the ticket purchased at Reed's Ferry Market in Merrimack would invalidate it, the lottery commission claims.

The victor of a Powerball jackpot in New Hampshire hasn't collected her $560 million yet.

The victor has not turned in her ticket yet, but showed lottery officials a photocopy of the front to support her claim for the country's eight-largest lottery jackpot.

Reed's Ferry Market is set to receive $75,000 for selling the winning ticket, which has not yet been submitted to the commission.

In 2016, a New Hampshire family that won a $US487 million Powerball jackpot remained anonymous as lawyers for their trust claimed it. After learning she won the jackpot, the woman went to the lottery's website and read the rules before discussing the situation with legal counsel.

  • Kyle Peterson