'Jesus himself gave us the flu shot': Televangelist's comments provoke criticism

Gloria Copeland, a Texas megachurch televangelist and a member of President Donald Trump's evangelical executive advisory board, told her followers that they did not need a flu vaccination, according to Texas Monthly. But could it be that he gave us the flu shot because he knew there was a flu season?

At least 53 children have died from the flu this season, including 16 just last week, according to the CDC. "We've got a duck season, a deer season, but we don't have a flu season". "We've already had our shot, he (Jesus Christ) bore our sicknesses and carried our diseases". Ahead of the 2016 election, Kenneth Copeland said that Christians who don't vote for Trump "are going to be guilty of murder", are "guilty of an abomination to God", and are "guilty of every baby that's aborted", in video posted by Right Wing Watch.

Copeland suggested people attempting to avoid catching the flu repeat the mantra: "I'll never have the flu", and inoculating themselves with the word of God.

Another person wrote a comment that said, "Ok so if you get it does that mean you just didn't believe hard enough?"

In the video, Copeland warns watchers not to believe the fact that the flu is spreading, and says "we already had our shot [.] Jesus himself gave us a flu shot, he redeemed us from the curse of flu".

"We know what's wrong with you. Put words [sic]. Inoculate yourself with the word of God". "Now, which do you want to do?"

In 2013, there was a measles outbreak in Texas that state officials tied to the Eagle Mountain International Church, which is run by Kenneth Copeland Ministries. "Do you want to do that, or do you want to sit in here on a Saturday morning, hear the word of God, and let faith come into your heart and be healed?"

"I have such tremendous respect and admiration for this group and I look forward to continuing to talk about the issues important to Evangelicals, and all Americans, and the common sense solutions I will implement when I am President", Trump said in the release at the time.

The 2017-18 flu season has temporarily shut down school districts and sent many people to emergency rooms and urgent care centers. The video has 166,000 views and has been liked 8,100 times.

  • Santos West