Facebook Goes Old School With New List Feature

Facebook Goes Old School With New List Feature


The launch of Lists represents Facebook's latest attempt to get people to post more personal updates to the site, and engage with more content.

Your list can be about anything - your schedule for the day, places you would like to visit or New Year's resolutions, for instance. For the company, this update will encourage users to post more personal updates.

Facebook is reportedly introducing out a new feature called Lists, for posting status updates.

To ensure that your list will stand out in the News Feed, you may add some emojis or change its background color.

The goal with features like these is to push users to post more personal updates - like stories about their lives, what they're up to, and what they're thinking. Facebook envisions users sharing their top five food cravings, goals for the year, and plans for upcoming trips through the new feature, which is created to spark conversations with your friends.

The feature has reportedly started to rollout slowly, and is expected to be available globally in the coming days. Facebook has not said how long it will take for all users to receive the new update.

"On social media, you can passively scroll through posts, much like watching TV, or actively interact with friends - messaging and commenting on each other's posts", the company wrote.

Facebook changed its algorithm earlier this year to "prioritize posts that spark conversations and meaningful interactions between people" while demoting public posts from businesses and publishers.

The only worry is that all Facebook users will default to the ultimate list: The to-do list.

Once you install the new update you can open the list function by tapping the "what's on your mind" then you will see "List" under the "Photo/Video" option. Over 2016, Facebook had reportedly lost over 15 percent of users. A recent eMarketer report indicates that Facebook lost approximately 2.8 million US users aged under 25 years in 2017.

The social networking made a significant update to its News Feed last month.

Are you excited for Lists?

  • Terrell Bush