New Report Says Apple HomePod Lacks Sound Quality

New Report Says Apple HomePod Lacks Sound Quality


With Apple's design chops, its Beats audio expertise, several years to study the smart speaker market and a $349 price tag, that was a safe assumption. Just download the Apple Music app from the App Store. The Apple HomePod is the company's first-and a bit overdue-foray into the intelligent audio device field and it will, naturally, be compared to the more established players like the Amazon Echo line of products, the Google Home and Alexa-enabled just-about-everything.

What Hi-Fi?- my personal go-to source for stereo reviews - paints a picture of HomePod audio that's a mixture of the prevailing opinion and Consumer Reports' results. Here's how to force-update your HomePod smart speaker software without waiting for Apple to push it through.

Now that the HomePod is finally for sale, newer versions of smart speakers sold by Google and Sonos are also offering better sound quality compared to older models, noted Consumer Reports.

Plus, the HomePod has room-sensing technology that allows it to tune the music based on its surroundings, bouncing ambient sounds in your music off nearby walls. Not only is Apple's artificial intelligence dumb - a recent test showed she only answered 52 per cent of questions correctly - but her functionality is extremely limited.

But if you're looking for a great way to listen to music, the HomePod is well worth considering.

"I think Siri could be expanded and will be in the future", said Dalrymple.

One limitation of the HomePod is its inability to set multiple timers. This, of course, is an area where Google Home Max excels. It's also easier than the process used on my Sonos One speakers: The Trueplay Tuning requires you to walk around your room as the Sonos app listens to tones from the speakers.

Built with an A8 chip that acts as the brain of the speaker, the HomePod easily transforms from speaker to home assistant. Will they introduce larger HomePods?

However, there's a way to get another music streaming service to play through the HomePod. So you'd better be sure you won't switch away from iOS if buying a HomePod. It's cylindrical in shape and slightly less than 7 inches tall, making it about the same size as a Sonos One, but considerably smaller than the Home Max.

  • Terrell Bush