Woman Crawled Into X-Ray Machine Because She Didn't Want Her Bag Stolen

It is thought the woman did not want to be separated from her bag and its contents at Dongguan Railway Station in China's southern Guangdong Province. As I'm sure they would be.

Let's be honest, whether you're handing your stuff over to security at the airport, a train station, a concert venue or any place that requires that, you don't really trust those folks with your bag.

It's still not known why the woman climbed into the X-ray machine.

The freakish incident occurred on February 11 at a train station in Dongguan, southern China's Guangdong Province, according to Pear Video.

Security officers did not stop the woman who collected her other bags before going to catch her train. Wads of cash are traditionally given as a gift for Chinese New Year which many believed what she was trying to protect.

Security camera footage then showed her climbing out of the machine and checking her handbag and luggage, before walking away nonchalantly.

Dongguan Railway Station staff have advised passengers not to ride the X-ray machines saying radiation given off by the scanners can be harmful.

While the worker tries to pull the man out, his attempts were in vain and he had to watch as the man was slowly dragged into the X-ray. She reportedly didn't have the proper immigration paperwork for the baby and tried to get around the rules.

Images show that the female passenger was wearing heels, kneeling down on the conveyor belt behind her belongings as they went through the check.


Even if you're particularly attached to your belongings, don't jump into an X-ray machine.

  • Eleanor Harrison