Oxfam Charity Reeling Under Charges of Sexual Misconduct by Staffers

On Wednesday, van Hauwermeiren, 68, rejected numerous allegations as "lies and exaggerations", warning that worldwide media will feel shame as he tells his side of the story, the Belgian newspaper Het Nieuwsblad reported.

"There are things correctly described", he said, without explicitly elaborating on what he felt was untrue.

"He is also saddened by the impact of the allegations on the many thousands of good people who have supported Oxfam's righteous work", the statement read. Parties every week? Chic villas?

Oxfam has neither confirmed nor denied the specific accounts reported in the media but has said an internal investigation in 2011 confirmed sexual misconduct occurred and it has apologised.

Then she repeated one of the key accusations, one that Oxfam has said was unproven in its investigation into the scandal: that some of the victims were underage.

Last week, the British newspaper The Times reported that in 2011 Oxfam tried to cover up claims that a guesthouse was used as a "whorehouse" by male aid workers in Haiti, which had been devastated the previous year by an quake that killed 220,000 people and left 1.5 million homeless.

He added: "Now everything is exaggerated and that hurts, especially because my family does not want to see me anymore". Some of the sex workers involved were juveniles, between 14 and 16 years old, the Times said.

Ms Evans said that staff had been accused of rape and that sexual abuse by shop managers in United Kingdom stores against young volunteers was covered up.

Driver is the first celebrity spokesperson to abandon the charity amid the growing scandal, which includes allegations that Oxfam staff used sex workers in Chad, the CNN said.

"I don't feel like reacting at all", he added.

Meanwhile, a recent Channel 4 News interview has seen former Head of Safeguarding Helen Evans allege that abuse and sexual assault had even been reported by volunteers at shops in the United Kingdom, and that her efforts to highlight these issues were repeatedly ignored.

Glastonbury has had a long history with Oxfam-with the charity featuring across their site and on the main stages, alongside the likes of Greenpeace and Water Aid.

The news comes as the Government said it is reviewing its relationship with Oxford-based Oxfam in the wake of sex allegations against some of the charity's staff.

The leading Catholic charity Cafod has sacked a staff member after it emerged that he was among former Oxfam employees accused of sexually exploiting vulnerable people in Haiti in 2011.

"They discussed how DFID and the NCA can work together in implementing laws on sexual exploitation and abuse and agreed to strengthen co-operation on this issue", a spokeswoman for the Department for International Development said.

  • Santos West