Israeli army opens fire on Palestinians, dozens injured

The sirens followed a long day of heightened tensions between Israel and Gaza as a spate of violence broke out along the border. There were no casualties on the Palestinian side, they said.

During the visit, Egypt demanded that Hamas take additional steps to ensure that cooperation ends between the jihadists in Sinai and their supporters in Gaza, the Hamas source said.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, in Germany for the Munich Security Conference, described the border incident as "severe".

Rockets are usually fired not by Hamas, but by other groups.

Police said the third had rocket hit a structure in a community near Gaza, causing damage but no casualties.

Maariv IDF correspondent Tal Lev Ram reported that the tank opened fire at suspicious figures and that the IDF did not immediately detect hits.

In October, the IDF also blew up a tunnel built by militants, which stretched from the Gaza Strip into Israel's territory.

He said the situation in Gaza could cause an outbreak of conflict between Hamas and Israel, particularly as demonstrations along the border fence have grown in recent weeks.

Israel holds the Islamist Palestinian movement Hamas responsible for any fire coming from the blockaded coastal enclave.

The Israeli army would not comment on the reports of the air strikes.

Hamas will not allow Israel to "impose any new equation on the ground or export its internal crises and the corruption cases of its leaders by escalating the aggression on our people", Abd al Latif Kanou, a spokesman for the terror group said.

In response, the military said one of its tanks struck an observation post in the southern Gaza Strip. Protests gripped Palestinian territories after US President Donald Trump's official recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

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  • Rogelio Becker