Nigerian police says 18 killed in multiple bomb blasts

An eye witness, Idrissa Bana, said the three suicide bombers simultaneously detonated the Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) on their bodies in the crowded market. Hospital officials said two patients later died from their injuries. "Then four minutes later, a third bomber struck nearby", Kolo was quoted as saying by AFP news agency.

The West African nation has lost more than 20,000 lives in the Northern region since 2009 to the insurgency of Boko Haram.

"The victims included 18 civilians and one soldier".

Earlier this week, the military warned residents of possible attacks by Boko Haram in cities and towns.

No one has claimed the responsibility for the attack, though several Nigerian analysts opined that the Boko Haram insurgent group could be responsible for the bombings.

He added that Nigeria was not actually fighting an external war but it is nearly like brothers fighting against brothers, which makes it a bit hard even for the armed forces to curtail it.

On January 31, two female suicide bombers blew themselves up at Mandarari village, near Konduga.

No fewer than 22 persons were killed and 28 others injured in a multiple suicide bomb attack at a market in Konduga Local Government Area of Borno.

Operations since the start of this year had flushed them out of their stronghold in the Sambisa Forest area of Borno state, which had previously been cleared in December 2016.

  • Rogelio Becker