New Pennsylvania Congressional Map Splits Centre County

That is the net effect of the Pennsylvania Supreme Court's new congressional map and its impact on the Midstate.

If it stands, the revised map is nearly certain to improve Democrats' chances in more seats this year, but not in the district now represented by Shuster.

The new map, which splits four counties into three districts and nine into two districts, could favor Democrats in the 2018 midterm election.

Barletta said there are six candidates for his seat - and isn't sure if any of them are in any districts in this area.

Democratic Governor Tom Wolf subsequently refused a new map drawn by Republicans, who in turn repudiated a proposed map from Mr Wolf as a "ridiculously hypocritical and a partisan move to help Nancy Pelosi, the DNC and Pennsylvania Democrats steal Pennsylvania congressional seats". Instead a bipartisan solution to the Congressional redistricting saga, we have chaos as described by PA Supreme Court Justice Max Baer. They see the court's action as an overreach meant to ultimately pack the state's congressional delegation with more Democrats. "It is unconstitutional for a partisan court to draw such blatantly political lines and to do so under forced deadlines where voters can not have input and the decisions can not be appealed to a higher court than them".

Regardless of whether there's a court challenge, the election office is "going to move forward" with plans for a primary election on May 15 that includes the new map, Pedri said.

This boundaries in this map of congressional districts in Pennsylvania have been used since 2013.

Pennsylvania Republicans, who claim that the Supreme Court is overstepping its bounds by usurping the duties of a state legislature, will not go down without a fight.

Republicans will argue in federal court that legislatures and governors, not courts, have the constitutional responsibility to draw congressional maps. At present, most of Lawrence County - except for its southern tier - is part of the 3rd District, along with all of Mercer, Crawford, Butler and Armstrong counties, and a portion of Erie County.

MEYER: Corman says if the justices choose their own map today, the House and Senate GOP will sue in federal court. Additionally, a few other seats shifted a few more points Democratic (e.g. the new PA-1), while the new PA-17 (represented now by Keith Rothfus) shifted greatly toward the Democrats.

The question now is whether the map, issued in a 4-to-3 opinion that split along partisan lines, will hold. The Governor had until last Thursday to offer his map, but a map was not received, putting the matter in the lap of the State Supreme Court.

"I think it immediately makes it more competitive for Democrats as you bring in some of the suburban Pittsburgh voters and voters from northwest Allegheny County", Borick said. An analysis conducted through concluded the court's redrawn map eliminates "much of the partisan skew" favoring Republicans on the old Republican-drawn map, although not all of it.

President Trump would have won 10 of the new districts while Hillary Clinton would have taken eight, if the redrawn boundaries had been in place in 2016.

  • Stacy Allen