Jennifer Lawrence glitters in gold at Red Sparrow premiere

You may remember that last season Donatella Versace took the opportunity to celebrate her brother, 20 years after his death, with a collection in his honour.

The actress, who is no stranger to challenging roles, admitted that she was nervous prior to shooting the scene, but crew members helped to calm her nerves when she arrived on set. Maybe it's because the name of the actor portraying Snow is Donald Sutherland...

Jennifer Lawrence may or may not be planning to put her acting career on hold to concentrate on political activism, depending on whom you believe. "I don't like to go out". "What do we do?'" She continued, "It doesn't have anything to do with partisan stuff".

Represent.Us purports to be an activist vehicle for the entire body politic: "conservatives, progressives, and everyone in between to pass powerful anti-corruption laws that stop political bribery, end secret money, and fix our broken elections".

She made headlines for all the wrong reasons yesterday when fans slated her for appearing to snub Joanna Lumley's glowing introduction at the BAFTAs - but now Jennifer Lawrence has said that it was all part of a private joke.

Some then branded her "rude" and "a brat", however Jen said the pair had an "inside joke" in a radio interview.

"Jennifer Lawrence that sounded rude and rather ungrateful", one viewer wrote.

Actress Jennifer Lawrence claims she is taking time off from acting to work in politics. Some even felt Joanna's introduction failed to show Jennifer proper respect for talents beyond her appearance. "Hi", she said to the audience, adding, "That was a bit much but thank you Joanna". Then I take her outside, feed her, turn on the TV and probably pour myself a glass of wine.

Speaking at the European premiere of his latest film at the Vue Cinema in London's Leicester Square on Monday night (02.19.18), Edgerton said: "I've been interested in the world of being a spy since I was a kid".

  • Kyle Peterson