Mercedes reveal their 2018 F1 vehicle W09 EQ Power+ at Silverstone

And while Hamilton has slowly returned to social media in recent weeks, he has admitted he will filter his posts.

According to Mercedes-AMG, the all-new F1 W09 EQ Power+ is superior to its predecessor in every single way and is expected to improve on last year's records on the track, thus becoming the fastest Mercedes F1 auto in history.

"Honestly, I think the team have done a great job to integrate it and make it look as nice as it can look", said the Briton. It's just about talking out the details. But he said there was no doubt about his commitment and that of the team.

The design features the now mandatory halo head protection device - but Mercedes chief Toto Wolff revealed his disdain for the new safety technology. Hamilton posted a video of himself telling his young nephew that he can not wear a dress, a comment that prompted a fierce backlash from critics and resulted in Hamilton apologising before deleting all of his content on Twitter and Instagram since the end of last season. I have been very open with my life for several years and it is always hard to make a change because I have enjoyed being open.

"Again, some of the suspension, some of the roll issues that we had, some of the ride issues that we had, some of the floor characteristics, those things will be improved quite a lot". I have been very open with my life for several years and it is always hard to make a change because I have enjoyed being open. "Consistency was awesome last year so if I can take one of the ingredients of last year and add a couple of spices in this year I think I can have a better year". It is a critical time for the world.

Lewis Hamilton has won three of his titles with Mercedes.

World champion Lewis Hamilton is scheduled to drive the W09 in the afternoon, after the vehicle is officially unveiled.

"Ferrari is very strong, Red Bull is very strong".

"I'm going to try and veer off the negativity, but cars are getting heavier and heavier each year".

"We also wanted to change the packaging of the power unit for the benefit of overall vehicle performance". For sure there has been a lot of effort on the new vehicle and the attention to detail is impressive. Generally, over the last few years, I've been pretty good at handling it, so I should be even better this year.

Mercedes- AMG Petronas Motorsport took the wraps of its 2018 Formula 1 auto at the Silverstone International Circuit in England.

"And if you give me a chainsaw, I would take it off".

"Toto knows that I know there's nowhere better, so there's no need to look anywhere else".

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