'Super Mario Odyssey' gets free update with new Balloon World mode

'Super Mario Odyssey' gets free update with new Balloon World mode


In "Hide It" mode, players are tasked with hiding a balloon under time pressure, while "Find It" asks you to, uh, do the opposite.

The update has also added new outfits like the Sunshine Shades and Outfit, Musician Hat and Outfit, and Knight Helmet and Armor, as well as new filters for Snapshot Mode. The update also offers new filters for Snapshot mode, new outfits, and more. Balloon World can be started by talking to Luigi in any of the kingdoms.

The main story once completed will now witness Luigi pop up in different kingdoms and he will have a new range of puzzles to beat. That's because the new - and completely free - first dlc for the Nintendo Switch smash hit game looks like it's coming later today.

Every time a player successfully finds a balloon, the online ranking board is updated. Luigi will show up in each world, whom you can find by using your map as well.

Alongside Luigi's Balloon World are three new outfits for Mario that are available to buy in the in-game shops. The minigame will be available after you complete the game, so you've got a fun surprise waiting for you after you finish up your important business with Cappy.

The names are easy to understand as in Hide It, your goal is to hide the balloon in a location in that particular world so that it is hard to find.

We love Mario a whole lot but sometimes you just need a bit of Luigi action, and that's exactly what Super Mario Odyssey's new mini-game will bring.

The new free DLC update for Super Mario Odyssey, announced back in January, is now out.

  • Terrell Bush