President Trump names Brad Parscale as campaign manager for 2020 re-election bid

In the Tuesday statement, Jared Kushner and Eric Trump praised Parscale, with Trump saying the newly named campaign chief "has our family's complete trust and is the ideal person to be at the helm of the campaign".

That Parscale will lead the campaign is news: the 42-year-old served as the 2016 Trump campaign's digital director and is credited in part for driving the campaign's social media advertising and outreach.

Facebook has also taken heat for aiding the Trump camp with hands-on services to help manage the campaign's social media advertising-a concierge level of consulting that had been offered to but refused by the Clinton team.

Here's what to know about Brad Parscale. "I understood early that Facebook was how Donald Trump was going to win".

Working with Kushner, Parscale and Katie Walsh, then the chief of staff of the Republican National Committee, served as de-facto campaign managers, overseeing almost all aspects of campaign.

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The self-taught coder and Kansas native ran the Texas-based digital marketing company Giles-Parscale, which had in the past designed websites for Trump International Realty, Trump Winery and other Trump family projects, the Guardian reports.

US President Donald Trump has officially announced his intention to run for a second term as president in the 2020 elections. But it probably did spoil the morning for people hoping against hope that the Trump era might end without the necessity of watching another Trump campaign roll through millions of nightmares.

His first manager Corey Lewandowski has been called to testify in front of a House committee probing Russian meddling efforts.

The presidential jockeying comes as Democrats are licking their chops over their 2018 midterm prospects, believing they can take back the House. "But because Trump used provocative content to stoke social media buzz, and he was better able to drive likes, comments, and shares than Clinton, his bids received a boost from Facebook's click model, effectively winning him more media for less money", Martínez wrote.

More than two years out from the next election, Parscale will also have to deal with the president's low approval ratings and the ongoing special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation. According to an interview last October, Parscale had already been working on the reelection campaign back then. During the campaign, Breitbart became the 29th-most trafficked site in America, and the third most trafficked pure news site. Kushner also hired Parscale to develop the campaign's online microtargeting strategy.

According to Drudge, Trump plans to "stun the political" world by announcing his reelection bid only 13 months into his presidency, but Trump's decision to run for reelection is not a surprise.

  • Kyle Peterson