Drunk man accidentally takes $1600 Uber from West Virginia to New Jersey

"I was just like, that's insane", he told the news station. He told the driver to take him to a New Jersey destination more than 300 miles away.

The surge pricing then doubled everything but the booking fee, according to NJ.com.

Kenny had, apparently, drunkenly ordered an Uber "home" around 2:51 a.m. Rather than get out of the auto or turn around, he just went with it. "The last thing I remember was being at the bar; then I woke up in the Uber next to an older dude telling me I was an hour out from Jersey".

He says he gave the driver five stars and even gave the driver cash to cover the cost of tolls on the way home. "He's going home.' He flipped the camera and I was just passed out in the passenger sheet", Bachman said. The regular option would've cost him $800.

Bachman originally complained to Uber, but Uber said there was nothing they could do and that this was in full compliance with Uber's Terms of Service. It sure sounds like something Silicon Valley's Bachman might do.

Mr Bachman said he challenged Uber over the fare, saying he had never entered his home address as the destination, but was unsuccessful. Bachman had consumed a lot, and barely remembers calling for the vehicle.

A drunk man in the United States types in the wrong destination and takes an Uber ride of epic proportions - with a fare to match. "He was on my phone, without me allowing it". Uber also connected with Bachman and resolved the matter, which ended with him agreeing to pay the fare.

"Afterwards I had it fully sink in, once the ride ended and I saw how much it was", Bachman told the news site.

  • Eleanor Harrison