Google Accused in Lawsuit of Excluding White and Asian Men in Hiring

According to claims made in a lawsuit filed by a former recruiter for Google's YouTube video site, the company instructed staff to stop hiring white and Asian men past year in an attempt to improve corporate diversity.

The lawsuit also alleges that Google would systematically and regularly instruct its hiring teams to delete emails and any documentation that addressed hiring quotas, in a "transparent effort to wipe out any paper trail of Google's illegal practices". "We have a clear policy to hire candidates based on their merit, not their identity", Google's spokesperson said.

Last month Google was hit with another discrimination lawsuit after Tim Chevalier alleged he was sacked for his liberal political activism whilst working for the company.

"The stated objective of these policies was to achieve "Diversity" in the Google workforce and to manage public relations problems arising from the under-representation of women and certain minority groups in the Google workforce, particularly in engineering positions". When Lee filed a complaint with the company's urging, she said that Google declined to investigate.

Arne Wilberg was a recruiter on Google's technology and engineering hiring team for YouTube. In one quarter, for example, recruiters were expected to hire five new employees each, and those hires had to be diversity candidates, the lawsuit claims. Damore withdrew the complaint that he filed earlier with the National Labor Relations Board after it was found that Google did not override any law while firing him. In August 2017, the Guardian revealed that more than 60 current and former Google employees were considering bringing a lawsuit against the company, alleging sexism and pay disparities against women. During that period, he claims the company put a freeze on hiring White and Asian men while also setting hiring quotas for so-called "diversity candidates". Chevalier, who is a transgender and disabled, stated that the search giant has failed to protect the minority, female and LGBTQ employees who have to go through continuous harassment on the internal forums. Damore was subsequently fired by Google. Six months after the conversation he was sacked. White or Asian employees actually made up 91% of Google's total workforce, which has barely changed in the past three years.

  • Kyle Peterson