Signing of MoU between India, Jordan

King Abdullah II bin Al-Hussein of Jordan, who is on the last leg of his three-day visit to the country, met Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi at Hyderabad House on Thursday.

The objective of this MoU is to establish and encourage cooperation in the fields of health, medical science, medical education and research on the basis of equality and mutual benefits in accordance with the respective legislations and regulations of India and Jordan.

Both sides are looking at closer security cooperation given that Jordan sits at the crossroads of a very volatile region neighbouring Israel, Palestine, Syria, Iraq and Saudi Arabia.

King Abdullah thanked the Federation of India's Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Confederation of Indian Industry, the Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India, and the government of India for making this trip so successful.

On Thursday, after the ceremonial welcome at Rashtrapati Bhavan, King Abdullah will attend delegation-level talks with PM Modi.

India would like to walk together with you in the work done by you in the area of de-radicalisation, the prime minister said. However, senior officials of the ministry of external affairs (MEA) said there had been no move by Jordan so far to procure the ALH from India and that the presentation was given after interest shown in the helicopters by the King, a helicopter pilot.

A third pact on setting up a fertilizer production facility in Jordan "with a long-term agreement for 100% offtake to India" was also signed. "Those who commit crimes against humanity do not understand that their actions also hurt people of that religion, which they claim to be protecting", the PM added. King Abdullah, who was on a foreign visit then, returned to Jordan and hosted the Indian prime minister.

He also praised the implications of His Majesty's speech at the Islamic Heritage: "Enhancing harmony and coexistence" conference, and expressed appreciation for His Majesty's continued efforts to achieve security and peace in the Middle East. "We take pride here in our incredible diversity", said the PM.

India, the prime minister added, had been a "cradle of all major religions in the world".

"Today's global war against terror is not a fight between different religions or people". "It is between all faiths and communities against extremism, hate and violence", he said.

A translation of a book "A Thinking Person's Guide to Islam - the Essence of Islam in 12 versus from the Quran" will also be released at the event, being organised by the India Islamic Cultural Centre. "It is against the mindset that misleads our youth to inflict atrocities against innocents", he said.

  • Rogelio Becker