House of Cards' final season teaser hails a powerful new chief

House of Cards season 6 returns to Netflix this fall.

The sixth season of the Netflix series will arrive this autumn, and Robin Wright will be the sole lead star, following Kevin Spacey's departure. Then it was determined that season 6 would be the final one and it would be a truncated version with only eight episodes and the season would revolve around Wright's character, Claire Underwood, in her role as the Commander-in-Chief.

"We're just getting started" is the only speech in the brief trailer before it comes to and end announcing it as the finale.

House of Cards ended last season with Spacey's President Frank Underwood resigning his office, enabling his wife and Vice President Claire Underwood to assume power.

Kevin Spacey was sacked by Netflix after the sexual harassment claims were made against the actor previous year.

This also marks the first season without Spacey. Her icy queen demeanour has remained consistent through the show and while she was earlier sharing the screen space with Kevin Spacey, now, the show will be completely focused on her. Instead of Frank Underwood behind the desk, it's Frank's estranged wife, Claire Underwood (Robin Wright).

According to Deadline, newcomers to the cast include Oscar nominees Diane Lane and Greg Kinnear as mysterious 'siblings'. We don't know precisely when all the episodes will premiere, but it will be the show's final season.

Filming resumed January 31 for the troubled political thriller, which brings back castmembers Michael Kelly, Patricia Clarkson, Constance Zimmer, and Campbell Scott.

  • Kyle Peterson