Mark Cuban Allegedly Tanked His Hand Down a Girl's trousers

Billionaire Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban was investigated by police in 2011 after a woman claimed he sexually assaulted her in a Portland, OR bar, a report said late Tuesday.

"It didn't happen." Cuban told The AP on Tuesday via email. The woman apparently told authorities that Cuban stuck his hand down her trousers and digitally inserted her while the two were posing for a photo in a crowded nightclub.

Explaining their decision in a report, prosecutors wrote that "there is no evidence to corroborate the complainant's statement and there is evidence contradicting the claim", and that the woman chose not to proceed with her claim.

"She said she was anxious about the potential publicity and did not want to be labeled as "that girl" involved in a sex scandal with Mark Cuban", the redacted report reads.

Cuban spoke to police directly following the report being filed.

While the incident apparently was not observed by others, the police report, according to the newspaper, included the snapshots of Cuban and the woman that were taken at the time of the alleged molestation, including two photos described by a detective as showing what appears to be Cuban "reaching down toward her buttocks". The alleged victim told Willamette Week that she has moved on from the incident, but stands by her story.

WW obtained the transcript of a Portland Police detective's interview with Cuban. In response to the report, Cuban said he hired a third party to handle future sexual harassment complaints for the organization. "I stand behind that report 1,000 percent". The woman appeared to have a "look of surprise and strain" in some of the photos, the officer noted.

"If she told five friends right there and then, then that's what they're gonna tell the judge and I'm gonna be fucked", he was quoted as saying.

The publication of the allegation comes two weeks after a Sports Illustrated account that portrayed a hostile work environment for women in the front office of the Mavericks.

  • Stacy Allen