Talk It Out: Should we stay in Daylight Saving Time year-round?

For those who like to sleep in, we'll get that extra hour back on November 4th.

We know it's coming every year, but that doesn't make springing forward any easier. (That said, the Navajo Indian Reservation, which extends into Arizona, does observe DST.) And in Hawaii, there's not much difference in daylight length between the seasons, since the state is so close to the equator, so people there are basically like, "Meh". During Daylight Saving Time, more people are out conducting their affairs during the daylight rather than at night, when more crime occurs. If you're feeling sleepy, short afternoon naps are recommended for a few days after the time change until the body adjusts.

It isn't even officially spring yet, but the time has come to "spring forward".

The idea of losing an hour of sleep this weekend has ZERO appeal to me.

The first places to use daylight saving time were some cities and regions of Canada in the early 1900s and then Germany in World War I. This was also around the same time the USA first implemented the plan.

Busker Will Soto walks a tightrope at the sunset celebration in Key West Florida
Busker Will Soto walks a tightrope at the sunset celebration in Key West Florida

President Lyndon B. Johnson signed a daylight Savings time bill in 1966 establishing that the time change would be observed from the last Sunday of April and end on the last Sunday of October each year, allowing states at that time to opt out via state law, per NASA.

Germany was the first country to enact daylight saving time during World War I. The United Kingdom soon followed suit and introduced "summer time". American territories like Guam, Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands and American Samoa don't engage in DST either.

"We already have to accommodate the Georgia time change", he said.

Florida overwhelmingly approved the bill, with the state Senate taking less than one minute to pass it, 33-2.

A man checks one of four custom, flush mounted clocks, destined for installation in Kansas City, Missouri, at the Electric Time Company factory in Medfield, Massachusetts, March 8, 2013.

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